Villebois Housing Market Update

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New figures from the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS) are now available on our greater Wilsonville housing market, which includes Villebois. In short, the positive trend continues. Read the full Portland metro area real estate report here, with Wilsonville/Villebois area market information highlighted below.

Villebois, Villebois Homes, Villebois Real Estate, Villebois Oregon, Villebois Wilsonville

Inventory A Factor
A low supply of available homes continues to drive prices higher around Villebois. That’s because a market inventory of between three and six months is considered a ‘normal’ housing backlog. For more than two years, our regional home supply has been below three months.

Villebois, Villbois Oregon, Villebois Real Estate, Villebois Homes, Villebois Properties
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Local Homes By The Numbers
These new numbers reveal home prices around Wilsonville and Villebois are up 6.7% over the past year. The average home sale market time for our area is now 30 days. The average selling price so far this year is $412,400, with the most recent monthly average home sale price coming in at $434,400.

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If you’ve considered the sale of your Villebois home, taking advantage of our present ‘seller’s market’ could be a smart move. Contact our sponsor, Wilsonville’s own Certified Realty using the form below for a free consultation, or call 503-682-1083.